IT Security Training Australia has partnered with two of the best providers of online, subscription based security awareness training programs - KnowBe4 and Inspired eLearning

Why does your company need Security Awareness Training?

Put simply, because today, your employees are frequently exposed to sophisticated phishing and ransomware attacks.

If your employees are not educated and trained on how to recognize these issues, your company is at serious risk.

Many businesses spend millions of dollars and countless hours every year on technology to protect their IT systems, but forget to educate their staff. 
People are the weakest link in the firewall around these IT systems. Attacks are squarely centered on taking advantage of this weakest link and exploiting that lack of
knowledge around security.

Why a subscription based program?

Because the people attacking your systems continually evolve their methods.

Training cannot be approached as a 'one and done', but needs to be a continuing process, evolving along with the threat.

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Each program is simple to deploy and administer and have their own respective strengths.  To discuss, which of these is best suited to your organisation please Contact Us.