Course Description

The SSCP® Certification is an internationally recognised qualification especially designed for network and systems administrators who implement policies, standards, and procedures on the various hardware and software programs for which they are responsible.

The content of the SSCP has been refreshed to reflect the most pertinent issues that security practitioners currently face, along with the best practices for mitigating those issues. Some topics have been expanded (e.g., cloud security, virtual environments), while others have been realigned. The result is an exam that most accurately reflects the technical and practical security knowledge that is required for the daily job functions of today’s frontline information security practitioner.

As a result of the content refresh, we have updated some of the domain names to describe the topics accurately.
 (ISC)² is the creator of the SSCP® Exam, so why would you get your education anywhere else? The Official SSCP® CBK Training Seminar is the key to success in pursuing the SSCP certification.

Prepared by SSCP® credential holders and conducted by only (ISC)² Authorized Instructors, each of whom is up-to-date on the latest information security-related developments and is an expert in the SSCP® CBK, the (ISC)² SSCP® CBK Training Seminar is the most comprehensive, complete review of the information systems security concepts and industry best practices covered by the SSCP domains (link is external), and the only training endorsed by (ISC)².

As this is the ONLY Official (ISC)² SSCP® CBK Review Seminar offered in Australia, it:
Guarantees the highest quality of education and customer satisfaction – Candidates are able to contact (ISC)² directly for program quality assurance.

What's Included

The SSCP certification is the ideal credential for those with proven technical skills and practical security knowledge in hands-on operational IT roles. It provides industry-leading confirmation of a practitioner’s ability to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure in accordance with information security policies and procedures that ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability.  The SSCP indicates a practitioner’s technical ability to tackle the operational demands and responsibilities of security practitioners, including authentication, security testing, intrusion detection/prevention, incident response and recovery, attacks and countermeasures, cryptography, malicious code countermeasures, and more.

Led by an (ISC)² authorized instructor, the 5-day Official (ISC)² SSCP CBK Training Seminar provides a comprehensive review of information security concepts and industry best practices, covering the 7 domains of the SSCP CBK:

  •         Access Controls
  •         Security Operations and Administration
  •         Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis
  •         Incident Response and Recovery
  •         Cryptography
  •         Networks and Communications Security
  •         Systems and Application Security

Several types of activities are used throughout the course to reinforce topics and increase knowledge retention. These activities include open ended questions from the instructor to the students, matching and poll questions, group activities, open/closed questions, and group discussions. This interactive learning technique is based on sound adult learning theories.

Course Content

This 5-day instructor-led official (ISC)² training course will help candidates review and refresh their information security knowledge and help identify areas they need to study for the SSCP exam and features:

  • 5 x 8-hour sessions   
  • Official (ISC)² courseware
  • Taught by an authorized (ISC)² instructor
  • 100% up-to-date material
  • Student guide
  • Collaboration with classmates
  • Real-world learning activities and scenarios

Course Content

  • Understand the different Access Control systems and how they should be implemented to protect the system and data using the different levels of confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • Understand the processes necessary for working with management and information owners, custodians, and users so that proper data classifications are defined. This will ensure the proper handling of all hard copy and electronic information as it is applied by the Security Operations and Administration
  • The Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis Domain identifies the how to identify, measure, and control losses associated with adverse events. You will review, analyze, select, and evaluate safeguards for mitigating risk
  • Identify how to handle Incident Response and Recovery using consistent, applies approaches including the use of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) concepts in order to mitigate damages, recover business operations, and avoid critical business interruption; and emergency response and post-disaster recovery
  • Identify and differentiate key cryptographic concepts and how to apply them, implement secure protocols, key management concepts, key administration and validation, and Public Key Infrastructure as it applies to securing communications in the presence of third parties
  • Define and identify the Networks and Communications Security needed to secure network structure, data transmission methods, transport formats, and the security measures used to maintain integrity, availability, authentication, and confidentiality of the information being transmitted
  • The Systems and Application Security section identifies and defines technical and non-technical attacks and how an organization can protect itself from these attacks including the concepts in endpoint device security, cloud infrastructure security, securing big data systems, and securing virtual environments

Intended Audience

This training course is intended for those with proven technical skills and practical, hand-on security knowledge in operational IT roles. The candidate is required to have a minimum of 1 year of cumulative paid full-time work experience in 1 of the 7 domains of the SSCP CBK.

The training seminar is ideal for those working in positions such as, but not limited to:

  •     Network Security Engineer
  •     Systems/Network Administrator
  •     Security Analyst
  •     Systems Engineer
  •     Security Consultant/Specialist
  •     Security Administrator
  •     Systems/Network Analyst
  •     Database Administrator


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

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