Course Description

In today’s complex world, an appropriate and usable incident response plan to deal with inevitable incidents and unforeseeable events and an agile, incident response capability are essential.  How you prepare for and respond can minimise the impact of a damaging security incident.  One of the most important ways to prepare is to ensure you have an effective information security incident response strategy.  Being prepared will be even more important once mandatory data breach notification obligations are introduced into the Privacy Act.

This 1-day hands-on workshop will help you improve your organizations’ security posture by learning:

  • What you mandatory data breach notification requirements involved
  • What goes into an effective information security incident response plan for your organisation;
  • Systems for classifying events and identifying incidents;
  • The importance of clear, timely and consistent internal and external communications;
  • Why it is important for first-responders to have the authority to act and make decisions;
  • The benefits of testing your plan. 

The workshop will incorporate role-playing as a tool to simulate the tension of a real-time crisis situation.   Hands-on exercises will provide the opportunity to gain experience with the type of decisions an organisation might face in an information security emergency.

What's Included

• 8-hours of tuition and workshop exercises
• 100% up-to-date material
• Comprehensive course notes including additional reference materials
• Tips on how to develop and implement your own incident response plan

Course Content

• Overview of different types of security incidents
• Consideration of different standards including ISO 27035 and NIST
• What makes an effective incident management plan? 
• Detecting and assessing events
• Incident Response – this is where it gets tricky
• Lessons learned / takeaways
The course contains both instructor-delivered content and hands-on exercises.

Intended Audience

This course is directed at information security professionals and anyone responsible for IT incidents or for creating or updating their organizations’ operational incident response plan. It is also of relevant to risk managers, auditors, internal legal counsel and anyone interested in understanding how best to respond to and minimise the impact of security incidents, and how to ensure that lessons learnt are embedded into the organisational culture.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Available Times & Locations

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