Course Description

The new EU data protection framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), came into effect in May 2018.  This FREE on-line course provides an overview of what has changed through the introduction of the GDPR and how those changes might affect Australian organisations.

This live on-line seminar will outline the main provisions of the GDPR, including the purpose of the new law, who it applies to and some of the most important provisions. It is designed to introduce the GDPR to those not familiar with privacy laws or the operation of those laws in the EU.


If you would prefer expert personal advice on EU GDPR issues that may be affecting your business and access to guidance notes and other free resources, Ringrose Siganto Consulting can help:


What's Included

  • 0.5 hours of tuition
  • 100% up-to-date material
  • Access to recorded session

The session will be recorded and made available to all attendees for their future reference.  Please let us know in advance if this is a problem.

Course Content

This course provides a high-level overview of and introduction to the GDPR for Australian organisations. 

It covers:

  • What is the purpose of the GDPR?
  • Why is it of concern to non-EU countries?
  • Some important definitions, such as ‘personal data’ and ‘sensitive data’
  • How will it affect you? What can you do and not do?
  • Data controller vs data processor
  • Important new individual rights
  • Some tips for compliance.

Each of these areas will be touched on in this FREE half-hour on-line seminar.

This course will focus on the EU GDPR. Participants interested in learning more about general privacy issues should consider the separate session on Introduction to Privacy Law.

To participate, you will require a computer, headset and a good internet connection.  Once your registration has been confirmed, we will forward you the link to the session.

Intended Audience

This course is directed at information security professionals and privacy officers, as well as legal practitioners who are interested in privacy and confidentiality legal issues. It is also of relevance to risk managers, auditors, internal legal counsel and anyone in any sort of organisation who is responsible for privacy compliance obligations.


There are no pre-requisites for this course.

Available Times & Locations

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