The Woes of No IT Security Unemployment

Finding Skilled People Poses Dilemma for Employers

Interesting article from the U.S. where, although the employment of IT security professionals is at an all-time high, it isn't keeping pace with the demand for these skills in American businesses and governments.

"IT security is one of the safest places to have skills if you want to ensure that you always have a job because there is such great demand for skilled professional, and it's only growing for these types of skills," says John Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, an outplacement consulting firm.

A shortage of IT security practitioners is having an adverse impact on businesses, not-for-profits and governments in hiring those needed to protect their IT systems and networks.

"Finding the people with the needed skills, however, poses a dilemma," the just-issued Cyberskills Task Force Report from the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council states. "The numbers of professionals with these mission-critical skills are so limited that government contractors and federal agencies compete with one another and the private sector to hire them."

Full article available here.