Data breach preparedness: It's more than just notificaton ...

New Australian data breach notification laws, effective in February 2018, have focused attention on organisations’ preparedness to notify of eligible data breaches.  But notification is just one part of responding to a data breach or cyber incident.  Data breaches are complex, often involving some combination of malicious software, misconfigured technology and humans. They might involve data theft, ransom or extortion, fraudulent transfers of cash or public humiliation.  How organisations respond is similarly complex. 

However, one thing is certain: How you respond to a data breach or other cyber incident can mean the difference between reputational disaster and business as usual: maintaining your clients, trusted relationships and your share price.

How prepared are you? What would you do if …

• A journalist asks for comment on reports that your customer data is being sold on the dark web
• An employee tells you they think a senior executive is transferring confidential information to her home computer
• Your finance department reports emails from the CEO approving overseas funds transfers that just don’t seem right
• Social media is reporting that one of your main cloud service providers has had a data breach
• Your IT service provider reports that a large amount of data is being electronically transferred from the organisation’s servers to an unknown overseas location

Breaches are on the rise.  You are not immune

According to the Australian Cyber Security Centre  2016 Cybersecurity Survey, the majority of respondents suffered security breaches in 2015-16:
• 90% experienced some form of attempted or successful cybersecurity compromise
• 58% experienced at least one incident that successfully compromised data and/or systems

‘The cyber threat remains present.  … The message to all organisations (is) that experiencing a cyber incident is not a matter of if but when and what type.’

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